Any personal data provided by the User via email will be handled in strict accordance with Spanish Law 15/1999, of 13 December, on Personal Data Protection, therefore ensuring confidential treatment of any such data. In particular, the User is hereby notified that any personal data will be collected and incorporated to an existing file on FLEXOTEC, S.L.. The User has the right to request access, rectification, cancellation and deletion of personal data, by sending a request to the Company’s address specifying the relevant data files. By sending an email to the Company, the User agrees to the automatic treatment of any personal data provided. Data collected will be used for commercial purposes and shared with Company’s administrative, commercial and technical departments. FLEXOTEC, S.L. will take all necessary measures to prevent the alteration, treatment, loss or unauthorised access to the User’s personal data, assessing the technology, the nature of the data and any existing risks in order to ensure full compliance with the Company’s duty to ensure data confidentiality and protection. Equally, FLEXOTEC, S.L. is authorised to send the User commercial and technical communications about its products and services. The User specifically authorises the Company to send such commercial and technical communications via email or a similar channel for marketing and advertising purposes.